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International Department

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Форум с врачами Ихилов

International Department

Welcome to the website of the «Ichilov» clinic, in the Department of International Medical Tourism, located at the Tel Aviv Medical «Center of Soraska» and «Ihilov Hospital».

«Ichilov site» offers to the foreign patients the whole range of treatment, which has a private clinic «Ichilov» and hospital «Ichilov-Soraski».

We specifically work to provide high quality services for foreign patients who have come to Israel for medical care. Every day, in our clinic «Ichilov», come hundreds patients of Israelis. They want to get high-quality medical care, which are not available nowhere. Hundreds of foreign patients come to us every month from Russia, Ukraine and other countries, through the application on the site of the «Ichilov» clinic.

On the «Ichilov» site, you immediately find yourself in the International Department of the «Ichilov» Clinic, in Israel. After the preliminary stage, each of our patients begins treatment with the senior coordinator, the head of the diagnostic department, Dr. Inna Molchanova. In close cooperation with the department there are several dozens of specialists of the clinic, professors and heads of specialized departments of the hospital «Ichilov».

As the leading private clinic of deep complex diagnostics, we organize high-quality examination and treatment, surgical operations, practically, across the whole spectrum of diseases.

At the «Ichilov» clinic, in Israel, there are distinctive features:

  • We invite for your treatment only that doctors who are well-established and who are leaders in their specialization;
  • We have moderate and firm prices, the same for all, according to the price list;
  • We can use all the resources that are available in the «Ichilov-Sourasky» hospital, the resources of all private clinics of hospital professors, for example, «Gastromed»of Professor Galperin, «Cardio» of Professor Banai, «Herzliya» and many others; And also resources in the surgical centers of Assuta, Herzliya Med, Nara and many other private clinics;
  • We can invite any leading doctor from any hospital in Israel for your treatment, because we have a private clinic and so accepted in medical practice in Israel;
  • we can make a survey and treatment in a short time, unlike the state hospital and any other, we do not have queues for PET — CT, MRI, etc., to specialists of the operation, since we are the leading private clinic;
  • And of course, you avoid the services of intermediaries and risks, because you come directly to the clinic, in its international department;
  • You receive first-class services necessary for a foreign patient of any age, regulation and state of health;
  • The level of diagnostics that we use is higher than usual due to the fact that all its elements are performed by leading specialists, for example ultrasound to our patients is made by the leading professor, recognized in Israel by accurate diagnosis; The results of the PET-CT scan are decrypted by the professor, one of the developers of the diagnostic method, and so on;
  • Of course, we organize all the necessary services to accompany, translate, provide the full range of tourist services with the help of our experienced administrator;
  • We can provide the patient with not standard, high level of care, rehabilitation and any VIP-services.


Administration of the International Department of «Ichilov» Clinic in Israel.

Medical Center «Ichilov»:

Israel, 64239, Tel-Aviv, st. Weizmann, 18 and 20 floors

Phone: +972-772201372 (Israel) or +7-499-350-1227 (Russia), ask the administrator.

To this phone you can call from 11.00 to 19.00 from Sunday to Thursday Moscow time in the winter time, and from 10.00 to 18.00 in summer time.

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